Biology Drives Behavior, and Behavior Drives Biology Part 2

 Biology Drives Behavior, and Behavior Drives Biology Part 2

August 25th, 2016

The misconceptions involved here must be cleared up.
Lust and aversion are connected with religion, art, and culture in general. Many still
believe or assume automatically that lust leads to evil and degeneration.Others hold
that, since much culture is a sublimation of lust as well as the expression of the
sexual system, lust is a positive force in achievements of all kinds, social, creative,
in sports and relationships alike. The Brain in Love and Lust In a study published in
2002, anthropologist Helen Fisher PhD of Rutgers University and a
multi-disciplinary team of experts recruited 40 young people madly in love - half
with love returned, the other half with love rejected - and put them into an MRI with
a photo of their sweetheart and one of an acquaintance. Each subject looked at the
sweetheart photo for 30 seconds, then - after a diversion task - at the acquaintance
photo for another 30 seconds... They switched back and forth for 12 minutes.

The result was a revealing photo album of the brain in love.  Think like a brain
scientist and you too would be excited by activity in the right ventral tegmental
area. This is the part of the brain where dopamine cells project into other areas of the brain, including the posterior dorsal caudate and its tail, both which are central to the brains system of reward and motivation. The sweetheart photos, but not
the acquaintance photos, were the cause. In addition, several parts of the prefrontal
cortex that are highly wired in the dopamine pathways were mobilized, while the
amygdala, associated with fear, was temporarily mothballed.


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