Biology Drives Behavior, and Behavior Drives Biology Part 1

Biology Drives Behavior, and Behavior Drives Biology Part 1

August 23rd, 2016

Lust (or libido, passion, being horny, being in love) refers to feelings and behavior that in our evolution have been programmed to lead to sexual intercourse. This relates lust (and its opposites, such as aversion, dislike, disgust, fear, hatred, disapproval, and so on) to the sexual system, reproduction, the distinction between the sexes (Male & Female) and the structure of sex itself. It is common knowledge that lust and aversion go together. The male has to overcome various obstacles-games and dangers in orfer to impregnate as many females as possible.This is primal. The female defends herself against overly sexual male attention.She wants to attract as many males as possible, but at the same time she has to restrict her choice because she must choose the best possible mate who will also be prepared to help her bring up baby.The dynamics of this sexual interaction is sometimes labeled The war between the sexes. Some more points to show that the discussion continues and lust is far from being fully accepted or liberated:

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