What is an Alpha Male (and why you MUST be one) Part 2

What is an Alpha Male (and why you MUST be one) Part 2

August 20th, 2016

Right about now is where many of you say,” What the F&*%! is he talking about?!?” Well just listen and keep an open mind here.
First off, to all those who do not share the Christian faith, quit yer bitchin right now…This has NOTHING, I repeat NOTHING to do with the Christian view of Jesus as being
the Son of God. I just wanted to get that one out of the way.
Why is Jesus listed here as the consummate Alpha Male?
First off, he was one hell of a charismatic guy. Several passages make note of banquets and celebrations, including the Wedding at Caana. Think about it-the man turned water into wine to keep the party going. What a stud!
Speaking of charisma, think about the company he kept: Prostitutes and other seedy characters, respectable citizens, tax collectors (arguably the most hated people in his day), children, laborers, wealthy members of the Sanhedrin and fishermen. In order to hang with so many groups one must exude a supreme level of self-confidence. Jesus was just as capable of playing innocently with children or speaking to the educated at the Temple as he was cavorting with construction workers and ladies of the night at social functions, weddings and the like.
I get the feeling that Jesus was the kind of guy that, if he was at a party I was at, I would want him to like me!
Look also at his core group-the 12 Disciples, Apostles, whatever you want to call them. What did they do for a living? They were fishermen. Might not mean a lot at first-let me explain…
Now anyone who has grown up around a waterfront area such as San Francisco, New York or the Great Lakes area, or has seen the movie “Jaws” knows what I’m talking about: Think of 12 individual guys just as salty and gruff as Robert Shaw’s character Quint from “Jaws”….do you honestly think that the perfectly-combed-hair, soft-spoken, 1960’s movie-type Jesus would’ve lasted five minutes in a waterfront tavern with these guys? I don’t think so.
If you don’t believe me-here’s a test:
Go down to a waterfront bar frequented by deep sea commercial fishermen, longshoremen and dock workers. Walk around and start telling them about how much we should all love each other and how much God loves us. Then see how fast your ass gets tossed right out the door or imprinted with a size 10 steel-toed boot.
Now you don’t have to be Columbo to figure out that for one man to captivate such a diverse crowd, he had to ooze self-confidence and sweat pure testosterone.
Another thing that people don’t seem to realize (or want to admit): Jesus got angry-boy did he get angry! When those sorry bastards set up a flea market in the temple, what happened? Jesus kicked their asses and tossed them right out the door! He wasn’t opposed to breaking some balls when the violence was justified, no sir!
When he was arrested and tortured, did he bend his will and give in to the torture and betray his beliefs? No. He chose death by torture instead. What a stud.
Now, like I said earlier, those of you who do not share the Christian faith-quit yer bitchin. From what I’ve just described, Son of God or no Son of God this was one hell of a man…..Period.

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