What is an Alpha Male (and why you MUST be one) Part 1

What is an Alpha Male (and why you MUST be one) Part 1

August 17th, 2016

What is an Alpha Male (and why you MUST be one)

This one warrants an in-depth, detailed explanation due to the misinforming of the public by the MEDIA and feminized society in general, so here goes:
Simply put, an Alpha Male is someone who never allows society, peers or women to affect or compromise himself, his beliefs or his passions. An Alpha Male is NOT a beerswilling, burping, farting frat-boy type, nor is he ill-mannered, abusive or derogatory. An Alpha Male is a quite honorable man. An Alpha Male’s character is his defining trait. His word is his bond.
An Alpha Male stays true to his personal beliefs, and never, NEVER changes anything about himself for a woman. A perfect example of this principle: James Bond. James Bond never changes, which is why his character is so appealing. Think about it-if James Bond changed for a woman, how desirable and admirable would he be? Not very. In fact, look at today’s top movie stars: Jean-Claude Van Damme, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jet Li, Russell Crowe, Sean Connery (America’s longest running sex symbol) AS WELL AS WOMEN’S FAVORITE, Mel Gibson. Now I ask you: what do all of these men have in common? (No smartass, it’s not that they’re all movie stars…) Not one of them is American. Not one. Coincidence? Hardly.
Look at the following exaples of Alpha Males in the Media:
Captain Kirk- the man gets laid, kills a half dozen people and punches at least one crewmember in almost every episode- and his people still follow him! Wow…
Fonzie- One word sums Arthur Fonzarelli up-COOL. He could fight, he never asked chicks if they liked him or if it would be all right if he called them. He knew what to do at all times and never lost his dominant position with the ladies. Richie, Potsie and Ralph all bumbled around like blind people playing paintball, but Fonzie always got the respect. And in doing so, Fonzie always got the girls.
And, my personal favorite Alpha Male in the media-
James Bond
There is nothing I can say that you can’t see for yourself by watching a James Bond movie-preferably those in the Sean Connery genre. Connery’s James Bond is the pinnacle of masculinity in the media bar-none. Rather than waste your time by putting a laundry list of why James Bond is this or why he’s that-go to Blockbuster, stock up on Dr. No, From Russia with Love and Goldfinger. Then shut up and watch. Pay attention to how Bond carries himself, what he says and how he never seems out of control of any situation.
Now you don’t need to know how to speak a dozen languages or have a car that shoots rockets or has an ejector seat to model his behavior in your everyday life (and if you even think about saying your name as “last name…first name-last name,” I will show up at your door and bust your ribs with a baseball bat!). Walk slower and more erect. Speak clearly and with some inflection in your voice. Don’t smile all the time-you look like you’re either the village idiot or you have Down’s syndrome-both conditions I have noticed are a wee bit cumbersome to delegating any real authority or commanding any respect no matter what situation.
Now let’s talk real-life.
History is bereft with strong male characters who exemplify these ideals-take a look at the following examples:
Davy Crockett - a man who, already having attained legendary status before becoming a Congressman, left the US House of Representatives to fight against the army of Santa Anna at the Alamo. In fact, his last words to Congress were, “You can all go to hell. I’m going to Texas!”

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